Thesis Design Canvas

I want to support students in formulating and designing their thesis as good as possible. My contribution here is twofold: First, I want to give a clear idea for students‘ workflow. Second, I offer a tool (canvas, you might use it as printed document, digitally in miro or a presentation/drawing tool of your choice) which foster the creative and critical reflection of one’s idea much more than writing a thesis exposé of a docent pages.

As a first prototype, you can find my thesis design canvas below (German right now, to gather some first experience – so I might build more versions after some learnings how students benefit from it). For this, the first edition comes as business school flavour, which means: From my experience, many students at business schools are in a dual mode (job + university classes) which makes it very challenging to dig deep into the academic work in only a small amount of time. But in contrast to research guidelines in classical classes, they bring very clear business problems and issues from practice, which might be worth being treated in a thesis. 

How helpful is the thesis design canvas for you? Please share your (anonymous) feedback with me.

Thesis Design Canvas (click for high res. file)