My name is Nicolai Krüger, Professor for Information Systems at IU.
I worked and work with cutting-edge academic research hubs and leading digital innovation labs of different industries. Whenever possible beside my academic obligations, I help startups and corporates on their innovation journeys with my pitchnext consulting portfolio.

Before I stepped into academia and consulting, I led a rapid prototyping team for digital innovation at Daimler, orchestrating User Experience Designers, Creative Technologists, and Technical Engineers through our innovation funnel. In this role, I got the chance to gain experience in Silicon Valley, connecting classical business units with leading Start-Ups and universities. Before, I served as a senior consultant for Daimler Inhouse Consulting across the globe.

My Ph.D.-path was rooted in the discipline of Information Systems, dealing with the paradigm shift of industry, society and digital transformation, such as in the area of big data, truck platooning, autonomous driving, to name some leading technology trends.